B2B services

B2B services provided by a language specialist

Are you an international company with branches in French-speaking countries? Are you the French subsidiary of an international firm? Do you need to communicate in French with employees or customers?

I can help you provide your French-speaking staff and clients with clearly written, effective training material in their own language. And by helping you communicate with your customers, I can help you grow your business in French-speaking countries.

Digital content is on the increase, and the training landscape is evolving quickly. Whether you’re onboarding new employees, training existing staff or providing guidance to customers, the best way to help people learn, understand and retain knowledge is to provide documents in their language.

The benefit for you: as a translator I’m often the closest reader of your text. As an outside contributor, I bring a fresh and critical eye to your content. Combined with my language skills, this enables me to translate and edit your texts so their message is conveyed clearly and effectively.


No two documents are the same. Different texts vary in difficulty and length. Get in touch to discuss your project and send me some sample pages. I’ll be happy to provide a quote.

I’m a member of the Société française des traducteurs (SFT) and abide by its Code of Professional Conduct.

I regularly take training courses to upgrade my skills and expand my specialist knowledge.

17 September 2020: training course on “Translation and terminology in environmental science”.