Learning, understanding, expressing

Words structure our thoughts, express our ideas and bring whole worlds into existence.

I have always loved reading and been fascinated by books. For me, books are doors that open up an infinite number of fictional worlds and provide endless knowledge. I love delving into dictionaries, which are treasure troves of information. I am curious by nature; I love learning about and understanding the world around me.

My studies took me from a Political Science degree to an MA in Translation and Interpreting. I have trained for and gained professional experience in a variety of roles in the publishing industry, ranging from bookseller, proofreader and editorial coordinator to editor and translator. In this last role, I now provide services to small businesses and corporate clients.

I have lived in Paris, Grenoble and Montreal and now live near Lyon. I have dual French and Canadian nationality and work for clients in France, Canada, Ireland and Switzerland. I love communicating. I’m fascinated by words, languages and different cultures. I love the diversity of languages and the nuances of words and expressions.

My background and experience help me choose the right words and phrasing so that your message will reach your target readership.