Translation of corporate communications and training material

My working languages

Do you need to translate some documents to communicate with your French-speaking subsidiaries, employees or customers? Do you have training material or information in English or Spanish that you need to share with them?

I can translate all your training materials, corporate communications and environmental science documents from English and Spanish into French.

Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.”  Anthony Burgess

Why do I only translate into my native language?

As a member of the Société française des traducteurs (SFT), I abide by its Code of Professional Conduct, which states that “Translators shall endeavour at all times to deliver an appropriate standard of work to their clients. To do this, they shall […] translate solely into their native language or a language in which they are fluent.”

Translators must, of course, have an in-depth knowledge of the languages they translate from. However, they can’t claim to be as familiar with all the nuances of these languages (and the cultural references associated with them) as they are with the subtleties of their native language. An effective translation shouldn’t sound like a translation but like a text written by a native speaker, using the vocabulary, collocations and idiomatic expressions that a native speaker would naturally use.

If you need a translation from French into English or Spanish, I will be happy to put you in touch with a professional translator from my network.

My specialist areas

Educational publications and training material

I’ve worked for many years for educational publishers, on textbooks for secondary, higher, technical and vocational education. So I’m familiar with the specific requirements of this kind of material: structure, terminology, formulation and localisation (adapting form and content to the target country). And above all the need for clear, concise writing.

Educational publishing seeks to popularise a wide range of subjects, so it’s important not only to use the right terminology, but also to make the text accessible to the target audience. As your translator, I need to be familiar with the content so I can produce a version that readers will be able to understand easily. Within the broad field of education and training, I specialise in language issues, communication, business and sales, psychology and science.

Environmental science

Protection of the environment is one of today’s key challenges and a matter of individual as well as corporate social responsibility. Because I feel strongly about these issues, and am aware of the importance of sharing information and knowledge, I decided to specialise in this area. I completed a training course in translation and terminology in the environmental sciences and have experience translating in this field.

The kinds of documents I translate

Here are some examples of the kinds of documents I have translated or can translate:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Software user manuals
  • Standards and procedures
  • Social media or blog posts
  • Brochures, magazines, academic journals
  • Websites

My work process

What does my work involve?

Translation involves selecting the appropriate terms and ensuring these are used consistently throughout the document.

If I spot a linguistic or factual error in the source text, I flag it up and suggest a modification.

I adapt the vocabulary and style to suit your target readership. If necessary, I convert units of measure, currency and other cultural elements. This is known as localisation. Other examples of content that needs to be localised include school grading systems, job titles, product names or companies referenced in the document.

My clients include

Continuous training

I am continually training for new tools and new knowledge in my areas of expertise. I attend professional conferences and workshops.

November, 18 2022: SFT Course about post-editing machine translations

May, 9-11 2022: BP22 Translation Conference

April, 20-23 2021: BP21 Translation Conference

September, 17 2020: SFT Course about translation and terminology of environmental sciences